Oberon Zell Writes for the Future

Enheduanna vol 4 is nearly here. We are honored to include Oberon Zell this year as an essayist.

Here is a featured review by Alder MoonOak of his Essay “The 2020 Vision: Awakening a New Cycle,” about the future of Earth.

“The visionary beliefs and actions required in this century are being written on hearts and minds by postmodern prophets like Oberon Zell, founder of the NeoPagan grok flock The Church of All Worlds. Without these visions, we have no cultural story to battle the demons of climate change and violence plaguing the world. In his ‘2020 Vision’ article, Zell offers one of the most cogent and exciting documents I’ve read in years. It articulates many of our finest dreams and most grounded hopes, maps out practical lines of the future, and provides guidelines for activism within the context of deep community. As profound as it is practical, the 2020 Vision supplies the right ideas at the perfect time. Join the movement and help create a tomorrow our great-grandchildren can celebrate.

Alder MoonOak, PhD
Gainesville, Florida
Professor, College of Central Florida”

An Enchanted Embrace

"25 August, 1991-Sunday
I woke up in beautiful Niassa’s arms. Others were already stirring at the campfire, wanting the sleeping lovers to get up from their love nests, and we all slowly began to stir. It was misting enough to keep everything damp but still we had a fire and we had fun being grumpy. We then ate a little breakfast from food we didn’t devour last night. We closed the circle we had opened yesterday calling back all the spirits of the four directions. Gillian and Homo Erectus did a tremendous job pulling off this Faerie Gathering. Many of the faeries started to flitter home at ten thirty, to be back in Salt Lake City for various reasons, but others stayed the entire day down at the hot springs until heterosexuals began to arrive dispelling the magick. I went back early to open up the Utah Stonewall Center at one this afternoon. I stayed until five when others began to arrive back to Salt Lake and we went up to Hooter and Gypsy’s place to visit and bask in the afterglow of our magical crystal experiences. I will always have beautiful memories of Niassa and I walking hand in hand along a midnight shrouded trail and his sharing his story of how he escaped the grim reaper Cronus by disappearing in a crystal that his grandmother’s spirit guided him into for safety."
--Ben Williams
Excerpted from "The Sacred Faeries' Chronicles: Memoirs of Gayflower Momma Bear Mother Slut--Year of the Ant, 1991-1992"

What’s about those Beltane Herbs?

Mandrake Root (Fuchs).

“Any cut pieces or shavings should be returned to the hole from which the plant was pulled. Leave a bent silver coin in the hole and then re-fill the hole with dirt. Make offerings to the Earth of Vervain, Apple cider, milk, or honey to recompense her for the loss.

Bury the root in the Earth again at a place of power such as a crossroad, a place where three streams meet, or in or near a graveyard.

On the next Friday that is a Dark of the Moon or a New Moon “feed” the root with milk and then dig it up.

While your root is incubating in the soil, prepare a beautiful container such as a carved or painted box. Smudge it with sage or juniper to sanctify and purify it for your Alraun.

When the root is extracted from its burial place, take it home and wash it with wine. Then dry it thoroughly in a warm oven, or near the hearth, etc.”

–Ellen Evert Hopman, “The Sacred Herbs of Beltaine” being published Spring 2020, Inner Traditions Bear & Company, book excerpt forthcoming in volume 4.

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Not just a bean, a Rooster

"I grew quite unhappy in Michigan and was contemplating whether to stay or to consider applying for a job in Western PA, the land of my blood and birth. One night, not long after I began considering this, a badger broke into the coop in the darkest hours. The coop was far enough away from the house that I did not hear what happened and remained sound asleep. But in the morning, I found the door literally ripped off of its hinges. Inside, intact but frightened, were all of the hens–and not a trace left of Anasazi. In his life and in his death he protected his flock above all else. His death was a powerful sign for me a sign that I had to move on, from my beloved homestead, returning to the mountains of my birth. For I realized that I could not run my homestead without Anasazi; he was such an integral part that it was not the same without him. My dear hens found good homes with a friend, and I packed up my things and headed East towards the rising sun, back to the mountains where I belong."
--Dana O'Driscoll, PhD.
Excerpted from "Ode to the Rooster," Creative non-fiction forthcoming in vol 3.
Anasazi, the Rooster. 2014 Watercolor by Dana Discoll. Used with the permission of the artist.

Who is the “New Generation” of Pagans?

"Paganism can be a spiritual path that helps you to find yourself, if you dare to go through it. No one better than you knows and develops your potential as a person. Only you can align yourself to the cycle of the seasons through the veneration of nature, considered as a manifestation of the Divinity. As a Pagan, you can honor your Ancestors, work with different Gods and Goddesses, celebrate the passage of time through sacred ceremonies and revive the practices of those who preceded you many years ago…and, above all, experience and enjoy the path by yourself."

"El Paganismo puede ser un camino espiritual que te ayuda a encontrarte a ti mismo, si te atreves a atravesarlo. Nadie mejor que tú puede conocer y desarrollar tu po-tencial como persona. Solo tú pue-des alinearse con el ciclo de las estaciones a través de la veneración de la naturaleza, considerada como una manifestación de la Divinidad. Como pagano, puedes honrar a tus Ancestros, trabajar con diferentes Dioses y Diosas, celebrar el paso del tiempo a través de ceremonias sagradas y revivir las prácticas de aquellos que te precedieron hace muchos años… y, sobre todo, expeimentar y disfrutar el camino por ti mismo."
--Nuhmen Delos
Excerpted from "The Questioned 'New Generation' Of Paganism", "La Cuestionada 'Nueva Generación' del Paganismo," bilingual essay forthcoming in volume 3.

Enheduanna now in EBSCOhost Databases

The staff of Enheduanna is pleased to announce that we have inked a deal with one of the largest library database and research vendors in the world: EBSCOhost. Enheduanna digital pdfs will be dropped into the databases annual for indexing to thousands of libraries across the world which subscribe to EBSCOhost. This means that the journal, only entering its third year, has accomplished one of its primary goals of promoting the writing and scholastic study of the contemporary Pagan community! Thank you to all the authors who make this journal what it is, the staff, and the future scholars who will be able to access our little publication!

Enheduanna Staff