Submission Criteria

Submission Eligibility

The only requirement for submissions is that author of the work identify as a Pagan or practices a tradition under the umbrella of Paganism. All submissions should be your original work and not under consideration at another publication. They should not have been previously published. The works themselves do not have to be Pagan themed. If multiple people are involved in a piece, each person who collaborated must give permission.

We accept submission of creative writing and fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, book excerpts, book chapters, film scripts, author interviews and biographical sections, letters, short stories, novellas, novelettes, literary criticism, essays, and other literary works. These works are intended to promote and encourage the literary and writing capacity of the contemporary Pagan community. No “how to” articles. 

Word Counts

There is no word count for submissions, but some types will be fewer words than others (i.e. a book review generally will not be more than 1500 words, a poem 1,000 words, and a short story could be about 10,000.)

Works Cited

If you include references and citations in your manuscript, they need to be clearly cited in the text and works cited section. Please follow current MLA format for citations and works cited/bibliography pages.

Language Use

If you are using nontraditional spellings, caps or other alterations of words, please let the editor know at the time of submission.

Foreign Language

We welcome foreign language pieces. If accepted, a work in another language will be published side by side  with the English translation. Persons writing in a foreign language will be responsible for making necessary translation edits based on the final English manuscript of a work that will be for publication.

Book Reviews

Authors may send a copy of their book they wish to have reviewed to the Society using the address listed in the contact tab. The organization will review the work and if it merits a publishable book review, a notice will be sent to the author (provided they provide contact) about publishing the review of their work in Enheduanna.


Graphic/artwork that is included with submissions must be submitted at the time the article is submitted. They must be high resolution (300 dpi minimum). If you are using a piece with copyright, please submit the use permission with the work.

How to Submit

The deadline for articles is May 31 for the upcoming Samhain issue. Articles may be submitted before then. Please use our submission page. After you submit, you can expect a response within a month’s time to your submission. Manuscripts should have 1″ margins, use 12 point font size, and use Times New Roman font.

Editorial Policy

If your article requires revision before publishing, the editors will contact you and provide suggestions for revision. Enheduanna reserves the right to edit your work for publication, which may include for clarity, grammatical correctness, or cohesion.

Copyright Policy

By submitting your work to Enheduanna you are giving non-exclusive print and digital rights for The Pagan Society to publish your article (or portions there of) in Enheduanna or on its website, print, or digital formats. The Pagan Society retains distribution rights for all published journals volumes including the reissuing of previously published volumes.


All sales of Enheduanna go to The Pagan Society. Authors whose work are published will receive a complimentary edition of the journal in which their work is published by post.

Publication Schedule

Enheduanna is published yearly at Samhain. Articles for the yearly publication are due May 1. Revisions to articles are due by July 21. Authors may submit throughout the year, but the work will be held till the next publication cycle. Sometimes, due to life circumstances, there are delays. Please bear with us.

Author Contact Information

When submitting your article, at the end of the manuscript itself, please include a brief bio (100 words) about who you are and your path, your name, your contact information, (will not be printed), and the name you prefer to have printed in the article.

Questions and Submissions

Questions and submissions should be directed to:

Daniel Cureton, MA, MLS

Chief Editor, Enheduanna