What’s about those Beltane Herbs?

Mandrake Root (Fuchs).

“Any cut pieces or shavings should be returned to the hole from which the plant was pulled. Leave a bent silver coin in the hole and then re-fill the hole with dirt. Make offerings to the Earth of Vervain, Apple cider, milk, or honey to recompense her for the loss.

Bury the root in the Earth again at a place of power such as a crossroad, a place where three streams meet, or in or near a graveyard.

On the next Friday that is a Dark of the Moon or a New Moon “feed” the root with milk and then dig it up.

While your root is incubating in the soil, prepare a beautiful container such as a carved or painted box. Smudge it with sage or juniper to sanctify and purify it for your Alraun.

When the root is extracted from its burial place, take it home and wash it with wine. Then dry it thoroughly in a warm oven, or near the hearth, etc.”

–Ellen Evert Hopman, “The Sacred Herbs of Beltaine” being published Spring 2020, Inner Traditions Bear & Company, book excerpt forthcoming in volume 4.