An Enchanted Embrace

"25 August, 1991-Sunday
I woke up in beautiful Niassa’s arms. Others were already stirring at the campfire, wanting the sleeping lovers to get up from their love nests, and we all slowly began to stir. It was misting enough to keep everything damp but still we had a fire and we had fun being grumpy. We then ate a little breakfast from food we didn’t devour last night. We closed the circle we had opened yesterday calling back all the spirits of the four directions. Gillian and Homo Erectus did a tremendous job pulling off this Faerie Gathering. Many of the faeries started to flitter home at ten thirty, to be back in Salt Lake City for various reasons, but others stayed the entire day down at the hot springs until heterosexuals began to arrive dispelling the magick. I went back early to open up the Utah Stonewall Center at one this afternoon. I stayed until five when others began to arrive back to Salt Lake and we went up to Hooter and Gypsy’s place to visit and bask in the afterglow of our magical crystal experiences. I will always have beautiful memories of Niassa and I walking hand in hand along a midnight shrouded trail and his sharing his story of how he escaped the grim reaper Cronus by disappearing in a crystal that his grandmother’s spirit guided him into for safety."
--Ben Williams
Excerpted from "The Sacred Faeries' Chronicles: Memoirs of Gayflower Momma Bear Mother Slut--Year of the Ant, 1991-1992"